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Revolutionary System with integrated tank

Solcrafte® is the first all in one compact solar water heater – water is heated and stored directly in the solar collector. The optional heating rod only heats 33lt and not a full tank, which is way more economic.
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Unique design and aesthetically pleasing

The solar water heater is less intrusive on roofs and offers increased application areas – whether on pitched roofs, flat roofs, free standing in garden, parallel connections or in combination with other heat sources.
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Reduced installation time and cost

Reduced transport cost and improved handling due to its compact size. The component system Solcrafte® is installed very fast and easy. Solar hot water is provided within a few hours and ready to go.
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Reduced maintenance and extended life

No overheating anymore – the Solcrafte® solar water heater has a limitation of 95deg and no glycol and anodes are needed. It is also corrosion resistant and no lime scale settling in tank thanks to the newly developed PLUS coating (blue).
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New generation – no more tank

Direct heating – 2 times faster than usual ones. Cellular structure insulation reduces heat loss while blue macromolecular coating helps longevity for use with corrosive water quality. The design without tank blends with the building for a better look.
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Easy to handle

The installation is done in just a few minutes – its just plug & play with components. Its also maintenance friendly and easy to repair.
The new design of the solar water heater without tank reduces the needed space by 60%.
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Universal design

Solcrafte® is compatible with both flat and pitched roofs and has a closed loop system with pressurized design. It comes with an optional electric backup kit for 24 hour water supply and an optional antifreeze kit for cold areas.


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Solcrafte® – the first all in one compact hot water solar system

The Solcrafte® solar water heater has a storage tank that is integrated into the collector. The storage tank consists of various different pipes, depending on the type – Solcrafte® 200, 150 or 100. Solcrafte® has developed a special high-performance internal coating for the storagetank pipes that can also withstand most corrosive water.

Solcrafte®’s integrated collector-storage system impresses with its compactness, simplicity, cost-effectiveness and exceptional design.

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Solcrafte Thermosiphon von Greenonetec

Thermosiphon – high-performance collectors with integrated return line

The high-performance but attractively priced “Slimline” quality collector is the starting point for the thermosiphon system from GREENoneTEC. The connection lines from the solar collector to the storage tank are well protected by being integrated in the collector. Energy losses are therefore eliminated and the full power of the sun is used for the solar water heater. Apart from the quick and easy installation, this clever solution also satisfies demanding aesthetic requirements. The generated heat can also be stored over a longer period thanks to a special tank insulation.

All thermosiphon systems (160, 200, 300 litres) are designed as “high pressure” dual-circuit systems and thereby guarantee maximum solar yields. This makes a substantial contribution towards cutting costs and saves you money.

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Arrange mounting system

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Mount Solcrafte

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Plug & Play – Fill with water & use


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Arrange mounting system

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Install collector & tank

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Fill with water & use


Solcrafte - Design plus award
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Energy Star
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